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    Get the rifle out of the corner and knock the dust off of it. Just because the rut is over and the deer are not using your OLD FAITHFUL AREAS.... Head to your nearest RIGHT OF WAY!!! Powerline or Gaslilne..... Either one... These areas make a Great late season haunt for you the savvy deer hunter that NEVER GIVES UP!!!!!! You can watch from afar with your scope or spotting scope and see deer movement at all times of the day. Many of these RIGHT OF WAYS can be easilly scouted too!!! Just walk down the edge and look for the MAJOR trails crossing the path. Thats where you will want to keep your eyes when sitting in the stand. I have been spending lots of time in the powerline ans seeing plenty of late season deer activity. Get out there and do the same...Oh and a Little trick !!!! When that deer is taking just a few more steps ....FASTER THAN YOU NEED HIM TO....Usually you can make a deep grunt with your voice,
    just loud enough to stop him in his tracks. Then Slowly Squeeze the trigger!! Blam.....Right where it's supposed to be! I hope to see you all out and about in the woods.
    Just make sure that you don't sit on the same powerine that I am looking down, I use a 6.5 x 20 power scope on my
    7 mm and like to reach out and touch someone!! or 'AT&T'
    as we like to call it back home!!!
    I like to watch the WHOLE POWERLINE....there is about 75 long steps between the poles on my favorite spot, and I
    can judge the yardage by the number of poles between me and the deer. Good Luck and I hope to see you out there until the last day of the saeson!!!

    Brian Carroll
    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative

    Power line problems
    I got a powerline I sit on in Aiken county, mines not as clean as yours but it does have good paths going through it. My only problem is I cant get my deer to walk through they just follow the edges and i never can get a clean shot. Any suggestions on how to lure them alittle further out?
    This powerline is more of a pass through area for us. I usually see them on the edge about a deers length out in the line.... Then they will look both ways and go ahead and cross the line. If you do some scouting look for the most trails crossing completely across the line. Hunt that spot and see what happens. I am sure that they are going to come on across. Try some other areas of the line, where you can see the trails crossing. I am sure that somewhere along that line they are getting by you unaware.