Downpour buck


Makena Flinchum, 14-years-old of Pine Hall, N.C., downed her personal best buck to date after a 10-minute downpour in an open ladder stand. She had been getting cell pics of this deer for the last couple of weeks via Spypoint cell link hooked to a Tasco trail camera using Deerlicious attractant and trophy buck feed.

On the cloudy, cool evening on Nov. 11 a pop up downpour of about 10 minutes right about 5 p.m,and at 5:15 a small doe came in. This 9-pointer was following 40 yards behind. He stopped in an opening as she got to the bait pile. The deer took the shot, almost going down, then wheeled around back in the same direction he came from. He piled up 60 yards from the shot.

Flinchum shot the deer with a Thompson/Center Encore 50 caliber w/Leupold 4.5-15×50 scope, 47 grains of IMR 4198 powder, and a 250-grain Hornady sabot. He was killed on a 150-acre farm in Stokes County in Pine Hall, NC where Makena lives.

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