What type of gun do you hunt hogs with?

Kayla Casey's husband spent a day custom-building this AR10 rifle, and she pulled the trigger on this big boar.

This N.C. hunter custom built an AR10, then armed his wife with it

What type of gun do you use when hunting wild hogs? Most hunters would agree that there really is no wrong answer to this question, and plenty probably kill hogs with a number of different guns, although some deer hunters like to stick with their deer rifles just to stay in tune with it year-round.

Cornbread Casey of 704 Outdoors is one of those hunters who doesn’t mind trying his hand at different guns to lay his bacon on the ground, but as much as he loves to shoot wild hogs, he was even more excited last week to put a new gun in his wife’s hands for a hog hunting trip.

And it’s about more than just walking into a store and purchasing a gun to Casey. He spent the better part of a day working on building this gun, and AR10, specifically for hog hunting.

He started with a LUTH – AR MBA 3 stock, added Tactical Deluxe grips from ERGO Grips, and a 3.5-pound trigger from CMC Triggers Corp. He then hand lapped a Nightforce scope mount, added a Trijicon 5-20×50 scope, then put some rounds through it to zero it in.

When his wife Kayla Casey came home, they set out for their hog hunt, and before long, the couple had about a dozen hogs within range. Instead of blasting away though, they waited for what they felt was standing just inside the trees, observing the rest of the hogs, and relied on their Sniper Hog Lights to continue burning red, lighting the night up.

After 28 minutes, the big boar finally stepped out into the clearing, and Kayla Casey pulled the trigger on this custom gun for her first time. She connected, putting the hog in the dirt.

While she was no-doubt excited about the shot, she probably wasn’t as excited as her husband.

“Kayla put a great shot on him, as he only went 40 yards. Great job Kayla! One proud husband!” he said.

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