Lindy Ammons is an old-school grouse hunter who believes in covering lots of ground, giving his setter, Clyde, his head so he can lead the hunt. Keeping up with the dog is just short of a foot race at a fast-walking pace, so another hunter needs to be in good shape to keep up with him.

Ammons allows the dog to range out as far as 400 yards ahead of the hunter, covering lots of ground and stopping occasionally to check the wind. A GPS collar the dog wears tells Lindy which direction his dog has gone off trail and whether the dog has stopped long enough for him to be on point.

The dog’s collar also has an audible signal so the hunter can keep up with its location without having to check the GPS unit as long as the dog is within earshot. It takes time to check a GPS screen and it only takes a minute for the dog to move another hundred yards ahead of the hunter.