What person who has ever pried open an oyster shell or two hasn’t wished for the ability to fire up the pit and have an oyster roast anytime the thought surfaced? Thanks to Oliver Thames, a native of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, the toughest part might be getting the oysters.

Thames’ invention, the Bulls Bay OYRO oyster cooker, is available for just such an occasion.

The OYRO, recently named grand-prize winner in Garden and Gun magazine’s “Made in the South” awards, is a three-piece cooker that consists of a cooking table, cooking pan and a fire box. It’s designed to withstand the high temperatures generated by a wood-fueled fire and safely contains flames, eliminating the need for a fire pit, and the cooking pan allows excess water to drain away. Throw oysters on the cooker, cover with a wet burlap sack, and the salty flavor won’t escape.

Heavy duty handles allow the cooker, which is 37 inches deep, 42 ½ inches wide and 31 ¾ inches tall, to be moved easily. The cooker is made of durable steel and is available from www.bullsbayoysterroasts.com.