The Mill Pond is an oasis of yesteryear amid the encroaching desert of modernity. Hunters can hear the equipment banging and clanging at the Whiteville WalMart’s loading docks over the sound of shotguns. 

Vinson Bowers’ book, “Mill Pond Memories – A Southern Legacy,” gives historical perspective about his family and its place in the Southeast’s history as well as to what was known as Richardson’s Mill Pond before the Civil War. 

Bowers, born in 1948, reveals stories told by his grandfather, Ernest Vinson, that are rich in hunting and fishing lore. Logger, merchant and farmer, Ernest Vinson ensured survival of the Whiteville area called “Brunswick” that included The Mill Pond and its buildings when he purchased it during the Great Depression. 

“Formal hunts began in 1928 when Ernest Vinson called four Delaware hunters on the telephone to invite them to a quail hunt,” Bowers said. “Josiah Marvel, a Delaware attorney, Sid Scott Sr. of Continental Can, Chick du Pont and George Weymouth of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Bill Denham of General Motors joined local members of what came to be called the “Brunswick Walking and Drinking Club.”  They became friends who hunted and fished together several times each year at one another’s hunting and fishing camps.”

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