Editor's note: The hunt detailed below happened because moderators Diane00 and Gobblintom (aka Joey Murphy) have developed a friendship with user Donion (aka Don Wilson) through the NorthCarolinaSportsman.com forum.

My first gobbler of the season was truly a gobbler of a lifetime. He was a 24 pounds double-bearded bird sporting two 10 ½-inch beards and 1 ⅛-inch ivory spurs.

I was invited along with Gobblintom, a good friend and fellow moderator on the North Carolina Sportsman Web site, to hunt in Rockingham County for a few days with Donion, a fellow poster and great friend.

This turned out to be a hunt I will never forget, not only because I killed a trophy bird but because I was able to do this hunting with friends who also killed one.

Donion was a great guide,always seeming to know right where the birds would be. Gobblintom called in several of these birds using his trademark call, The Spursuader.

This made for a great hunt that allowed us all three to take beautiful gobblers. Hunting with these friends was quite an adventure, with a lot of walking and a lot of ducking behind downed trees and hiding.

We also had our share of being outsmarted by some wise old gobblers and some loud jakes, too. This was, without a doubt, a hunt that I will never forget.
The NCS site made it possible for three people to meet, become friends and share their love of hunting.I had no idea in November 2011 when I posted the photo of my dad's buck that I would have all these great friends and great memories to share just over a year later.

When I made my first post, turkey hunting was just something I dreamed of doing someday. I never thought that my dream of turkey hunting would be supported and pushed along by some of the great friends I have on the forum.

They gave advice, and even invited me to hunt along beside them. I was able to tag out hunting solo my first week of turkey hunting, only because these friends gave me the confidence I never had before to just get out there and try.

Now, in my second season turkey hunting, these same friends have made it possible for me to be able to take a trophy gobbler. I have made a lot of friends and met some really nice folks due to the NCS forum.

Thanks guys for the memories.