Every bedding bass that makes it onto the shallow dance floor must first enter the staging area and eventually leave by the same route.

These staging areas can be excellent opportunities to consistently put fish in the boat during the entire spawning season. One of the best things to mimic with a lure is the crawfish, and a Carolina rig pulled along the bottom will kick up mud just like fleeing crawfish. 

The Carolina rig is widely used to catch a wide variety of fish from saltwater to freshwater. For anglers fishing staging areas, it is a perfect way to imitate crawfish scurrying along the bottom. 

From actual crawfish imitations to finesse worms and creature-style soft baits, anglers can use a wide variety of plastics behind the sinker-swivel combination on a Carolina rig. To trigger a strike, a soft-plastic bait should float above and behind the mud trail being kicked up by the sinker. Add the clicking and clacking of the weight banging on the swivel or a plastic bead will get their attention.