You hear it all the time whenever the subject of quail hunting comes up anywhere in South Carolina….”quail hunting is a lost art,” and while it’s not at all what it once was, is it really lost? And if it is, what are the folks making that statement doing to change that?

We all know that the future of hunting and fishing lies with today’s youth. They’ll carry on the traditions that they learn, so if we fail to expose them to venturing out after Gentleman Bob and simply write quail hunting off as lost, it surely will be.

The SCDNR’s Take One Make One program is holding a hands-on quail hunting clinic for youth from the ages of 10 to 17. The youth hunters will learn all there is to know about hunting quail, starting with firearms safety, and ending with cooking the tasty birds.

The clinic is this Saturday, Jan. 13, beginning at 8:45 a.m., and will be held in the town of Latta in Dillon County. This isn’t simply a lecture on quail hunting, but will feature hands-on activities, and quail lunch, and a live quail hunt demonstration.

Parents are allowed to attend the clinic with their registered youth. Applications can be obtained by emailing