How do you feel about hunting migratory birds on Sundays? It’s currently not legal in North Carolina, but the NCWRC has invited people to participate in a discussion with the goal of finding out how much public support or opposition exists for migratory bird hunting on the Sabbath.

In order to accommodate the widest amount of input, the Commission has set up a virtual town hall. You can click here to participate in the forum by offering your thoughts on Sunday hunting.

You are welcome to state any thoughts you have on the topic, and some of the questions the NCWRC would like to see answered include:

If Sunday hunting is legalized, how would it affect your normal routine Sunday activities, how would it impact your hunting activities, your other outdoor recreation activities, hunting-related purchases or expenditures, your business operation, your private property or land, and your thoughts on what it would do to wildlife populations, habitat, or conservation efforts.

When considering whether you’d like to see Sunday migratory bird hunting allowed, it’s important to note that the migratory hunting season is regulated by law to last a certain number of days each year. That number of days will not change if Sunday hunting is allowed. Some folks complain that this will “shorten” the season, but others point out that’s not exactly true. In other words, migratory bird season would last the same number of days, even though it would look shorter on the calendar.

The forum allows you to offer your own input on the matter, and you can also read the comments posted by others taking the survey. Some comments currently posted suggest removing a weekday from the season, allowing Sunday hunting, and keeping the season the same calendar length it currently is. Some believe Sunday hunting for migratory birds should be no different than deer hunting, which is allowed on Sundays. And others have stated they don’t support it for a number of reasons that range from religion to giving the birds a day of rest.