Wheeleez Kayak Cart

This Wheeleez kayak cart will make transport of your kayak or canoe through soft sand or dirt almost easy. The cart features inflatable Wheeleez balloon wheels designed to disperse heavy loads over a large surface area for easy portage across adverse terrain and a durable aluminum frame with dual kickstand collapses to fit into most kayak hatches.

Rubber pads cradle the kayak’s hull, holding it securely, and the cart includes two 13-foot tie-down straps to hold the boat to the cart. The cart weighs in at just under 10 pounds and can carry loads of up to 176 pounds. Suggested retail is $240. Available online at rei.com

Engel Bait Aeration Cooler

Specifically designed for kayak anglers, Engel’s Bait Aeration Cooler keeps your live bait healthy, active and ready for showtime. Molded polystyrene insulation protects bait, whether you’re fishing during the summer or when the thermometer bottoms out. A two-speed, 2x2 air pump maximizes aeration. Run the pump on high speed when the cooler is full of bait and turn down to conserve battery power later in the day. Water-resistant housing protects the motor and suppresses noise. 

The cooler comes equipped with a high-impact plastic base, watertight EVA gasket lid and corrosion-resistant self-stopping hinges, stainless steel latches and screws. It runs on two D batteries (not included) when out on the kayak. 

Suggested retail is $74.99 to $84.99. Available in 3.25, 4.75, and 7.5 gallon sizes. More info at cabelas.com