Anglers looking for some hot topwater action will find it in the Wilmington area. Capt. Matt Wirt has been catching some hard-fighting fish on the surface above some of the wrecks and reefs off the shore of North Carolina's coast.

Amberjack are known as "reef donkeys" because of their stubborn fight, and because they are commonly found at reefs up and down the coast of both Carolinas. Anglers catch plenty of them bottom fishing, but Capt. Wirt (910-540-0570) has found that they are more exciting for his customers to catch them on topwater plugs.

Using a whole bluefish, Wirt has his anglers tease the amberjacks up to the surface. When they see the bluefish up top, they come up to check it, and they don't come one at a time. And once his anglers see the fish, they toss out a big surface plug, which doesn't take long to entice a bite from at least one of the reef donkeys.

Every bite doesn't result in a hookup, but every bite is just as exciting as the amberjack explodes on the plug, causing a big disturbance in the water and smiles on the anglers' faces. And once an amberjack does get ahold of the plug's treble hooks, things get even more exciting.

Watch the video to see the action, and click here for more information on fishing with Capt. Wirt of Reel-Adventure Charters. And if you'd rather catch something other than amberjacks, don't worry, a whole host of other fish are biting in the area, and Wirt has the proper boat and gear to put you on them.