The SCDNR’s Coyote Harvest Incentive Program has been met with some degree of skepticism throughout the Palmetto State, but most hunters agree that something should be done about the coyote population.

The coyote program just became law back in October. In a nutshell, the agency trapped, neutered, tagged, and released 16 coyotes throughout the state. Hunters lucky enough to kill one of the tagged predators will receive a lifetime hunting license.

One of the main criticisms of the program is that the odds are too great for anyone to realistically have a chance at killing one of the tagged canines. But don’t tell that to James Gillis of McBee. He killed a coyote in Chesterfield County while hunting with his son during the last week of December, becoming the first to win a lifetime hunting license from SCDNR.

Any licensed hunter is eligible to win the lifetime license, and while registering for the Harvest Incentive Program is not required, the SCDNR is encouraging hunters to register for the program. If you register and kill one of the tagged coyotes, on top of the lifetime license (which you will win whether registered or not), you will be entered in a drawing that will be held later this year. The winner of the drawing will receive a Yeti Roadie Cooler.

While more and more hunters are actively seeking coyotes to kill throughout the year, plenty of hunters hang up their rifles once deer season is over. The SCDNR is hoping this Harvest Incentive Program will give more hunters an incentive to get out in the woods even after deer season is over.

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