If you happened to catch the newest episode of Drake’s Migration on the Sportsman Channel this morning, and you know anything about waterfowl hunting in the Carolinas, you surely noticed some familiar faces on the show. 

The Lancaster, South Carolina father-son team of Daryl and Blake Hodge of Team Wrecking Crew are featured this season on the show, which is hosted by Barnie Calef, and gives viewers some up close and personal views of waterfowl hunting throughout the nation. 

The Wrecking Crew family will serve as regional hosts on this, the 7th season of Migration Nation, and the first to the new format, which breaks things down by regions, which is appealing to many viewers, especially those familiar with local legends like the Hodges, who are well known for hunting everything from Canada geese in farm fields, to woodies, mallards, and teal in the flooded forests so prevalent throughout the southeast. 

If you missed this morning’s episode, the Sportsman Channel has you covered, so don’t fret. The same episode will air again this Friday, July 1 at 1:30 p.m., and Saturday at 2:30 p.m. But Daryl Hodge said be forewarned – this is going to make you want to put on your waders, don your down jacket, and take to the swamps for some waterfowl hunting, and even early goose season is more than two months away.

But hey, if you can’t shoot them, you can at least watch shows about it, and it’s never to early to start dreaming of opening day. Click here to find out more about Drake’s Migration, and to see the full schedule.