Turkey hunting pros agree that having “go-to” calls is essential and part of each hunter’s unique calling strategy. But they agree that a variety of calls are essential.

Steve Drummond said gobblers hunted by someone using mouth calls with yelps and cuts will often require a different sound to get them to respond.

“I hunted with a friend who had worked a gobbler for three-straight days using loud yelps and cutts with no success,” he said. “This was an ideal situation to use my gobble call, because she had only called with hen calls. The gobbler responded quickly, put on a real show for the video coming in, and she killed it on our first setup.”

Atkinson agreed and said he will carry an arsenal of calls when in the woods. 

“I listen closely to any turkey response to my call and will change types of calls to hit the notes that will charm them on a given day,” he said. “I have favorites I prefer, but to be successful I have to give them the sound they prefer. It’s all about the turkey.”