A lot of things can happen in October, but the most-drastic game changer is the weather; it can be hot like summer or bone chilling the next day. But the water temperature is normally moderate, holding in the 60s for most of the month, and trout are generally holding in a early fall zone. feeding regularly. 

However, if a significant winter blasts arrives and sends water temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s, fish will respond immediately and in a big way. Speckled trout anglers should get ready for the ultimate feeding frenzy when this happens and use up all of their vacation time they have left. 

Speckled trout will become very aggressive during a cold blast in October, eating as often as their stomachs can handle. Every baitfish and shrimp will feel the effects, finding every opportunity to locate warmer, more-stable water conditions that will usually either be back in the ocean or further up the creeks inside the protection of deep winter refuges. 

Regardless, these winter blasts may be chilly to the skin, but make for ideal fishing conditions for the lunker yellowmouths.