Another method that is often overlooked is calling alligators. Biologist Jay Butfiloski offers a word of caution.

“Calling to an alligator you see is one thing, but they can hear the call from below the water, and often you will be surprised by an alligator you didn’t see,” he said.

Mimicking baby alligators will attract both male and female alligators to investigate.

“It’s pretty easy to do with your throat.” Butfiloski said, explaining that you don’t need special equipment to call in shy alligators. They are very protective of their young, and while the young have long been removed from the nest, their instinct is still strong.

Mimicking the sound of a young alligator will more times than not invite at least interest from other alligators. This will often bring them into range of your snatch hook or archery equipment when nothing else works.