Harvey Yarbrough’s shy buck

I first got pictures of this buck in Sept. I guess it was him. The buck would not come close enough to the camera to see his horns. But I could tell he was a nice deer. My second day of muzzleloader season I was positioned in my tripod stand 45 minutes before daylight.

I heard a doe bleat out several times and knew then a buck was close by. Right at light I put out a cotton ball with Tink’s and hit my grunt call a few light grunts. It didn’t take 10 minutes — here he comes with nose on the ground grunting. At first he was 50 yards out in front of me walking away from me. I stopped him twice by grunting but he didn’t like what he was hearing.

Finally, at 130 yards, he stops and quarters to me and I took my shot, putting the bullet where it counted — dead heart shot. The buck dropped dead in his tracks. It took me several minutes to gather myself.

Walking up on this big deer I realized I had killed a 9-point and a big mature deer giving me the five mature bucks on the wall ranging from a 7-point to an 11-point. I couldn’t be any happier. All of my deer are special to me. I have each one of their kills memorized. That means a lot to me as a hunter.

This buck was a 9-point, and the weight was 165 pounds. Score in the upper 130s. There heads are trophies to me, and their meat feeds my family. We enjoy deer burger and deer sausage and jerky. I’m very grateful for all of my hunts.. Thank you Carolina Sportsman for this opportunity to share my story.


Harvey Yarbrough

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