Chatham County Deer Droppin’ Duo

Veronica and Billy Backlund, married couple who loves to hunt, residents of Siler City, NC – we have an annual anniversary hunt on November 12. My husband proposed to me in a tree stand on this day in 2016, within minutes of shooting my first respectable white tail. Every year since, we have taken a buck on November 12 and have somehow managed to give each other turns doing so!

This year, on November 12, neither of us got one. We were so disappointed that our annual tradition had been broken – we hunted all day, just didn’t manage to see anything. The stars aligned for us the following day though and, rather than he or just I dropping a big ol’ deer, he got one that morning and I got one that evening! That morning, at 7:13 AM, Billy took Cap’n Hook, resident 8 point that was checking does just up the hill from our hunting blind. That evening, at 5:15 PM, I took a high top that had not yet been named, up the road at a friend’s house. Just goes to show how far patience, persistence, and a little luck go in this sport! Billy wants to mention, for the record, his deer is bigger!

This is this third year I have posted a deer in the “Bag-a-Buck” contest and I FINALLY got Billy to post one of his, too! Now we just need to come up with a proper name for my buck, suggestions welcome!

Thanks for reading,
Billy and Veronica Backlund, Siler City, NC.

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