Bucks and Ticks

My name is Natalie Garrett, and I am 17 years old. I killed this buck in Person County, North Carolina where I was born and raised. This was an awesome hunt and took two days of tracking to find this nice nine pointer. I killed this buck September 13, the second day of deer season with a SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow. Me and my grandpa went the opening day September 12, just knowing we were gonna get lucky. But between the ticks, and only having one seat, it did not go quite as planned. So, we gave up and I went home to a night of itching and tick picking. I set out the next day by myself and managed to dodge the ticks, luckily. We had been getting pictures of this deer on the trail cam all summer and whenever he stepped out with five other bucks,I started shaking like a leaf from excitement. Once I got myself under control the buck was halfway to the corn pile. He started sniffing the air, I just knew he was not going to make it all the way. My grandpa had just set up a new ground blind and bush hogged at 10 clock that morning, so I just knew he would get a scent of something and take off. But, he finally made it to the corn pile about 25 yards away and I let the arrow sling.

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