Bertie County bruiser!

My name is Joshua Mitchell (Age 27 Winnabow, NC) and for my birthday last year my mother gifted me with a 5-day guided hunt with Buffalo Creek Outfitters in Bertie County, NC. On the third day of my trip I was sitting in a ladder stand overlooking a swamp bottom with oak trees around. To my right I have small openings if the deer came in and slightly to my right and in front of me I had an open shooting lane roughly 8-10 feet wide and 100 yards long.

At around 7:30 am November 4th, I spotted a doe quickly run through the lane in about two seconds. I was not even able to get my rifle up it happened so fast. Bucks had been actively rutting up there this week so I thought a buck might be following her. I picked my gun up to my shoulder and within 10 seconds he entered the lane speed walking and on her trail. I had about 3 seconds to line up my shot before he was out of sight. I made the best shot of my life! Heart shot. The deer dropped about 15 yards back to the right. The adrenaline kicked in so bad after that I was shaking my tree stand. The result is this beauty pictured here. My biggest buck and one that will be tough to beat. This has been one of the best weeks of my life. Made great friends and have many wonderful stories to share. This is what hunting is truly all about. Best birthday present ever! Love you mom!

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