Deer of the Year

Alamance County cattle farmer downs big 11-point buck

Prime grade beef is not the only product Travis Graves is capable of producing on his 300-acre cattle ranch in southern Alamance County. On Nov. 3, Graves took down a massive 11-pointer with his black powder rifle. And it’s not the only big buck that has come off this stand either. […]


Crackin’ Craw

If you want to catch bass or redfish, you better get crackin’.
Artificial lure manufacturer Zach Dubois, who specializes in soft plastics, has watched the fairly new Crackin’ Craw & a crawfish imitation; take the bass fishing world by storm. And to his pleasant surprise, it’s also become a go-to bait for redfish along the coast. […]

Deer of the Year

12-point beast goes down in Moore County

Thomas Cook got back into deer hunting seriously in 2015 after about a 15-year hiatus from the sport, and on Nov. 24, he killed a buck that is “leaps and bounds above” any deer he’s ever shot. And he almost pulled the trigger on a doe instead. […]

Deer of the Year

18-point buck goes down in Forsyth County

George Mattison of Trinity, N.C. was hunting with his 4-year-old son from a double ladder stand on Nov. 17 in Forsyth County when he killed the biggest buck he’s ever seen. The 18-point buck had four drop tines on the right side of its antlers, including one that was over 8 inches long. […]

Deer of the Year

Big 10-point goes down in Anson County, N.C.

Phillip McBryde of Matthews, N.C. celebrated Veterans Day with a hunting trip with his uncle in Anson County on the morning of Nov. 11. And he killed the biggest buck of his life when a 10-pointer with a wild-looking rack showed up and offered him a shot after following a doe in a loop that took it four times around McBryde. […]

Deer of the Year

Carthage, N.C. huntress kills big 9-point buck in Moore County

When Karley Davidson of Carthage, N.C. was 16-years-old, she killed a big 10-point buck in Randolph County that landed her in the pages of Carolina Sportsman Magazine. Then she went on a four-year drought without killing another deer at all. But she ended the drought on Nov. 13 with an even bigger buck — this time from Moore County. […]

Deer of the Year

Winston-Salem hunter downs big Forsyth County trophy

Travis Manuel won an award at the Dixie Deer Classic in 2010 for a 147 6/8-inch buck. Unfortunately, it was under the non-hunting category for a beast that he actually did shoot, but wasn’t able to find until running across it 6 months later. And he’ll likely attend the 2019 Dixie Deer Classic with a 147-inch (green-score) buck he killed on Nov. 16 while hunting with his muzzleloader in Forsyth County. […]