NC changes deer, bear zones and seasons for 2018-19

Deer and bear hunters in North Carolina will need to pay attention to their regulations guides this fall as the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, at its meeting in Raleigh this morning, voted to restructure deer hunting zones, move around either-sex days in the western third of the state, set a two-buck limit in the eastern half of the state — as well as establish an alligator season and protect trophy blue catfish in a handful of lakes. […]


Alligator found in Lake Wylie

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, a dead alligator was found in Lake Wylie near the Hwy. 74 bridge in Belmont, N.C. by two brothers who were fishing from their kayaks on Sunday. […]


Goose Creek angler drowns

After being called to the scene of a possible drowning near Bonneau Ferry on Sunday morning, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office recovered the lifeless body of a fisherman who fell out of his boat earlier in the day. […]


Fly-fishing museum gets a new life

After losing its lease in a building in downtown Cherokee, N.C., and not being offered an alternative site by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians has re-established itself in nearby Bryson City. […]

Other Hunting

Extend gunning for light goose conservation season

Waterfowl hunting ranks high among hunter preferences across North America, and for hunters ready to extend their gunning after the end of the 60-day duck season, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s light goose conservation season, beginning in mid-February, is in order.  […]


Play the weather, but stay warm

While high winds and bitter cold in the weather forecast may make some faint-of-heart anglers stay at home, anglers who pay acute attention to weather reports and prepare for them can use these fast-moving cold fronts to their advantage. […]