Deer of the Year

Rougemont bow huntress kills 12-point trophy

As a hair stylist, it’s not always easy for Nancy “Tootie” Morris of Rougemont, NC to make a living and make time for hunting. But, when her husband threatened to kill her buck — she cleared her schedule for the afternoon of Sept. 16 and took the 190-pound, Person County 12-point they had been watching since July. […]


Big reds like Grand Strand beaches, too

Fall fishing action fires off all over the South Carolina coast this time of year, but for big-fish action, you don’t have to go far from the beach. Big, bull redfish are heading out of inlets for the ocean, where they will spend the winter, making nearshore waters, especially those off the Grand Strand, prime areas to be brought to your knees by a strong fish. […]


Slim Jimmys

Before there was a Cooyon Croaker, Kaplan-based Cajun Lures probably was best known for the little soft plastic that slayed sac-a-lait (crappie) here, there and everywhere. […]


It’s slab time on Murray

Fishing for crappie on South Carolina’s Lake Murray starts picking up in early October and gets better week by week through the fall until it peaks, usually around Thanksgiving, according to guide Brad Taylor. […]