• Hunting

    The Species Specific game feeder will only distribute food to the animals you want it to.

    New game feeder feeds only your desired species

    Includes game cameras, is programmed with smartphone
    July 16 at 11:04am
    Dozens of public hunts are available on heavily managed game lands across both Carolinas.

    Lottery deer hunts offer premium hunting experience

    Lands are extensively managed for game hunting
    July 14 at 2:45pm
    The SCDNR Canine Team recently completed 8 weeks of training and will be valuable assets to a wide range of the agency's workload.

    SCDNR adds dogs to enforcement team

    Five Labrador retrievers will help track humans, find evidence, etc.
    July 12 at 1:25pm
    South Carolina's non-resident hunters will pay more this year to hunt deer than they have in the past.

    North Carolina hunters will pay more to hunt in South Carolina this year

    S.C.'s non-resident hunters will pay extra for deer tags
    July 11 at 8:34am
    The 2017-18 South Carolina deer hunting season has some big changes in store for hunters.

    How to obtain your South Carolina deer tags

    Don't wait until the last minute or you'll be waiting to hunt
    July 07 at 2:59pm
    SCDNR's hunter education coordinator Billy Downer shooting at one of South Carolina's public ranges.

    Get ready for hunting season at these shooting ranges

    Both Carolinas have numerous ranges for hunters
    July 06 at 12:51pm
    Mapping out known bedding areas and travel corridors on a piece of hunting land can give still- and stand-hunters  — and hunters who run deer with hounds — a leg up on finding productive stand locations.

    Map out your know-how

    An educated, overhead view can help hunters
    July 05 at 9:00am
    Wam! Bumpers

    Wam! Bumpers

    July 01 at 7:00am
    Barnett Ghost 420

    Barnett Ghost 420

    July 01 at 7:00am
    Grier Copeland took this great buck on hunt-club land in Williamsburg County, S.C., where the harvest of small bucks is prohibited.

    Big buck bonanza - Here’s how to get more out of your local, Carolina whitetail bucks

    Let small bucks walk, recognize the old ones, and pump the minerals to all of them, and trophy hunting can be a real possibility in the Carolinas.
    July 01 at 7:00am
    Button bucks are considered antlerless deer by the SCDNR, and hunters must use antlerless deer tags when killing one.

    What qualifies as an antlerless deer?

    It's not just does
    June 22 at 3:33pm
    Ravin’s 2017 model crossbows offer hunters plenty of the latest technology for great arrow speeds and pinpoint accuracy.

    Fly with these Ravins

    Latest addition to crossbow market adds plenty
    June 22 at 9:00am