• Bass Fishing

    Davy Hite said a Senko can catch bass in all phases of the spawn.

    Three ways to make a Senko squirm

    Bass pro Hite can target prespawn, bedding and postspawn fish with different Senko rigs
    April 19 at 8:08pm
    Fred Stepp caught this big spotted bass on Lake Summit in western North Carolina during the last week of March.

    Angler catches, releases potential state record spotted bass

    Big fish would dwarf North Carolina's current state record spotted bass
    April 06 at 8:30pm
    Run North Carolina’s coastal rivers for largemouth bass in April.

    Run the rivers for bass - Take a look at bass fishing on some of North Carolina’s coastal rivers

    North Carolina’s coastal rivers offer great bass fishing for anglers who learn to fish the quiet, moving waters.
    April 01 at 7:00am
    A jerkbait like this Berkley Cutter can produce nice April bass if you find them on the corners of little spawning pockets.

    Shallow is the way to go

    April is spawning month across the Carolinas
    April 01 at 7:00am
    Plenty of big bass will be in Lake Wateree’s shallow water throughout April, including prespawn, spawning and post-spawn fish.

    Shallow season at Lake Wateree

    Bass will be in all phases of the spawn
    March 27 at 3:50pm
    Weather changes should cause anglers to change their lures to catch more Broad River smallmouth bass.

    Try river smallies

    Broad River bronzebacks will change menus as April weather changes
    March 27 at 2:13pm
    Guide Richard Andrews of Bath targets Roanoke River’s striped bass this month with soft-plastic paddletail baits fished on leadhead jigs.

    Roanoke stripers running

    April puts spawning on mind of river-run rockfish
    March 27 at 1:09pm
    Bass pro Jonathan Phillips of Pittsboro, N.C., believes bass may already be in a post-spawn mode this April.

    Will Jordan bass spawn early?

    After warm February, can RDU lake’s bass be in post-spawn in April?
    March 27 at 11:07am
    Bass bedding in shallow, clear water often need a little encouragement to strike a lure.

    Bump-n-grind it out

    March 15 at 8:00am
    Bennett Pridgen caught this double-digit bass at Badin Lake in February.

    Badin Lake angler catches 12-pound, 6-ounce bass

    Same angler caught 7-pound bass on same trip
    March 06 at 9:32pm
    March is time to seign Santee’s Sparkleberry Swamp for bass.

    Seine the swamp - Cypress and tupelo trees in South Carolina’s Sparkleberry Swamp are bass magnets

    Sparkleberry Swamp in the upper reaches of South Carolina’s Lake Marion offers some great early spring fishing for big largemouth bass.
    March 01 at 7:00am
    Is Falls of Neuse the best bass-fishing lake in North Carolina? It may be, at least in March.

    March for lunkers on North Carolina's Falls of Neuse Lake

    Plenty of bass will be staging and biting this month at Falls of Neuse Lake when all the planets align. Learn how to get the most from one of North Carolina’s top fisheries.
    March 01 at 7:00am