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    Guide Bobby Winters likes to start his drifts in deep water and drift up and across the shallow areas of bottom contours.

    Summer, shallows are not exclusive

    Don’t give up on catfish when August arrives
    5 hours ago
    Blue catfish in the Santee Cooper system will be managed, at least until 2019, under regulations passed in 2007, not the creel and size limits passed in 2014.

    Santee Cooper blue catfish regulations have been changed again

    Sunset clause wipes out regs approved in 2014
    Yesterday at 12:00pm
    Chum Buddy

    New kayak gear reviews

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    Keep a topwater plug or bucktail ready when stripers school at the surface.

    Watch for schooling fish

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    The resurgence of striper fishing at Lake Wateree, credited largely to higher stocking rates, has turned the lake back into a prime striper destination.

    Striper stocking at Lake Wateree

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    Huge trees that line the banks of blackwater rivers provide a lot of shade and cooler water where bass are more likely to be active and feeding.

    Shadow hunting

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    Long, snake-like plastic worms can be deadly on blackwater rivers, where snakes are a regular part of a bass’s diet.

    Go big with soft plastics

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    The current world record jack crevalle is a 66-pounder caught near Angola, Africa.

    For the record

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    A three-way swivel allows crappie fishermen to troll a crankbait at a certain depth and drag along a second lure in slightly deeper water.

    Make crappie do a double-take

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    Squid can be trolled on a rig similar to a live-bait king rig to take mackerel.

    Speed-rig a squid

    Yesterday at 7:00am
    The author snapped this cell-phone photo of a 71/2-foot blacktip shark he caught — his personal best from a kayak.

    Need a bigger boat? Nah, not this time

    Kayak-bound anglers can wrestle plenty of big, summer fish
    August 14 at 9:00am
    Circle hooks, without an offset will typically hook a gamefish in the corner of its mouth, no matter how far down it takes a bait.

    Offset, off center

    When you’re planning to release fish, go with a straight circle hook, not an offset
    August 12 at 9:00am
    When Blaine Anderson saw this johnboat floating 60 miles offshore, he knew the dolphinfish would be there.

    Anglers catching plenty of dolphin around abandoned johnboat

    Wayward johnboat spotted several times in past week
    August 08 at 2:07pm
    CCA SC tagged and released 60 redfish as part of the 2018 STAR tournament.

    Catch a redfish, win $43,000 Sea Hunt boat package

    One month left for CCA SC STAR tournament
    August 08 at 1:30pm