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    Sawtooth oak trees are quick growing oaks that begin to produce acorns at five to seven years of age. Sawtooths usually produce heavy acorn crops every year, providing a reliable food source that draws in wildlife year after year.rnrnSawtooths drop their acorns between late September and the end of October, well before most other oaks. Deer, turkey, and other animals crave Sawtooth acorns and quickly devour them after they fall to the ground.rnrn1-year-old bare-root Sawtooths 10'' to 20'' $1.79 eachrn1-year-old bare-root Sawtooths 20'' to 36''+ $2.99 eachrn2-year-old bare-root Sawtooths 20'' to 40''+ $5.99 eachrnrnFor more information or to order, visit http://whtnursery.com

    Swamp Chestnut Oak trees produce one of the largest and most desirable acorns. Deer and other wildlife quickly devour these acorns. Swamp Chestnuts normally begin to produce acorns at about 20 to 25 years of age, but they are worth the wait.rnrn1-year-old bare-root Swamp Chestnut Oaks 16'' to 22''+ tall $2.99 eachrnrnFor more information or to order, visit http://whtnursery.com

    Shumard oaks are fast growing red oaks that begin producing acorns at about 25 years of age. Their acorns are highly desirable to wildlife. Most Shumard oaks drop their acorns from mid November to December. However, this timing is a genetic trait, and depending on the tree, some may begin to drop acorns as early as mid October while some may drop into late January.rnrn1-year-old bare-root Shumard oaks 18'' to 30''+ $2.99rn2-year-old bare-root Shumard oaks 30'' to 44''+ $5.99rnrnFor more information or to order, visit http://whtnursery.com

    Tree Protectors provide your trees with good growing environments that promote quicker growth. They create a miniature greenhouse type environment for each tree and encourage vertical rather than lateral growth. Additionally, tree protectors will provide some water for the trees as water will condense on the tree protector and drip to the ground.rnrnOur tree protectors are constructed of a durable, U/V stabilized material that can withstand the forces of nature for years. Our tree protectors can be easily installed after the tree is planted and removed when it is no longer needed, allowing it to be used more than once. They are easily secured to a stake with zip ties or string (stakes/ties not provided).rnrn3-foot tall tree protector $2.69 each.rn4-foot tall tree protector $3.09 each.rn5-foot tall tree protector $3.49 each.rnrnFor more information or to order, visit http://whtnursery.com

    Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery offers Fall and Winter Nuttall oak trees. Both of these trees begin to produce acorns at 5 to 7 years of age. Fall Nuttalls drop their acorns between mid Oct. and mid Nov. Winter Nuttalls drop between mid Dec. and Feb.rnrnNuttalls are excellent for wet locations and can even survive flooding.rnrn1-year-old bare-root Fall Nuttalls 10'' to 20'' $1.79rn1-year-old bare-root Fall Nuttalls 20'' to 36''+ $2.99rn2-year-old bare-root Fall Nuttalls 28'' to 40''+ $5.99rnrn1-year-old bare-root Winter Nuttalls 8'' to 14'' $1.79rn1-year-old bare-root Winter Nuttalls 14'' to 24''+ $2.99rn2-year-old bare-root Winter Nuttalls 28'' to 40''+ $5.99rnrnFor more information or to order, visit http://whtnursery.com