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    Corn, without the field

    In areas where baiting for deer is legal, most hunters don’t have to be coerced into hunting over corn. Mike Johnson at the Clinton House Plantation suggests that if you are going to use bait, don’t bait out in the open. Find a thick area where deer will feel secure when you break out corn late in the season.

    Yesterday at 7:00am

    Better late than never isn’t a good doe-harvest idea

    When to harvest does is a hot topic among deer hunters. Some believe they should hold off until after the rut, because taking a doe before that time could cost a hunter a shot at a buck somewhere hiding in the wings.

    Yesterday at 7:00am

    South Carolina's updated all-time antler records list is now available

    The complete listing of South Carolina’s antler records is now available to the public.The South Carolina white-tailed deer Antler Records Program was initiated in the spring of 1974 and since that time, 6,995 sets of antlers (6,717 typical and 278 non-typical) have been officially entered into the list. Initially, measuring sessions were only conducted a few times each spring but, since 1987, antler scoring sessions have been scheduled throughout the state with approximately 12 sessions occurring annually. 

    December 14 at 4:19am

    Brunswick County hunter drops big 10-point buck on three-acre tract

    Shortly after daylight on Dec. 6, Cody Pyatte of Holden Beach, N.C. scored big on a last ditch effort after a huge 10-pointer that scored 142 5/8 inches. He had been chasing this buck for two years. And while many hunters scatter stands, corn piles, and food plots all over 1,000-acre tracts, Pyatte made it happen on a three-acre tract that was barely large enough for even one stand. 

    December 14 at 3:01am

    Huge buck comes back to life for Yadkin County hunter

    Andy Caudle was beside himself when Thanksgiving rolled around. A contractor from Boonville, N.C., Caudle had a huge 10-point buck in multiple trail-camera photos from two different places he hunts, but an uncle told him, the buck might have been killed.

    December 13 at 4:01am

    Seneca hunter kills trophy 8-point buck at Botany Bay WMA

    Gerald Foster of Seneca, S.C. and some friends have been drawn to hunt several different Wildlife Management Area (WMA) properties over the last 10 years. Foster said that Botany Bay is probably the most beautiful and now, his all-time favorite.

    December 12 at 6:01am

    Dedicated Carolina Sportsman Magazine reader pops 163-inch giant buck

    For over four decades, David Andrews of Alamance County, N.C. has beaten the bushes after good bucks. While he has taken dozens of respectable bucks over his hunting career, nothing compares to the 163-inch, 12-point giant he drilled at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 26. And he credits his recent success to an article he and his son Tyler Carrick read in Carolina Sportsman Magazine. 

    December 12 at 4:01am

    Morganton, NC hunter kills big bear that broke 440-pound scale

    Matthew Chapman of Morganton, N.C. has killed his share of black bears over the years, but he’d never killed one so big that it broke a scale while determining its weight. That’s exactly what happened when he killed one in Burke County on Nov. 9 during an evening hunt.

    December 11 at 8:33pm

    Fountain Inn hunter kills 8-point, 150+ inch buck

    On the morning of Nov. 21, Nick Mead of Fountain Inn, S.C. was looking for signs of a doe he had attempted a long shot at in an area called “the hayfield” on the previous evening when he was surprised by the buck of a lifetime.

    December 11 at 5:01am

    Deep Yancey County forest hunt produces big 10-point buck

    Up until Thanksgiving morning, Adrian Whitson of Burnsville had not killed a buck in eight years, and normally only hunts with a bow. But it was rifle season, and Whitson carried his Ruger .223 into a stand deep in the forest of Yancey County, and a buck showed up that was worthy of Whitson pulling the trigger.

    December 11 at 3:01am