Volunteers are needed to help determine just how successful the turkey nesting has been, the, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources announced yesterday (June 30).

The agency has conducted the summer turkey survey since 1992 to estimate reproduction and recruitment of wild turkeys in South Carolina.

The survey involves agency wildlife biologists, technicians and conservation officers, as well as many volunteers from other natural resource agencies and the general public.

The survey is conducted in July and August each year.

The survey is designed to monitor annual nesting success of hens and survival of their young, which has the greatest influence on wild turkey population dynamics.

This information allows biologists to calculate many factors essential to sound turkey management including average brood size, percentage of hens with and without young, gobbler to hen ratio, and overall numbers of turkeys seen.

Combined with harvest data, this allows the SCDNResources to make scientific recommendations to the South Carolina General Assembly in order to manage the wild turkey population now and in the future.

Find more information about participating in the annual summer turkey survey at the SCDNR Web site.