Alex Hewett of Chesterfield was on a weekend camping trip with eight others, including his father, Greg, and after an all-night catfish trip, the Hewett's ventured back on the water May 7 at Stumpy Pond while the rest of their party headed for their tents.

A few casts with his Heddon Super Spook Jr. and Alex Hewett, known as 'teighter' on the forums, caught the bookend bass that user voting chose as the best photos on the website's bass photo gallery for May.

"We put in at the Cedar Creek boat ramp for this weekend, which is in Chester County about an hour from where we live," said Hewett. "We took our 24-foot pontoon boat into some waters that you have to be experienced to navigate due to the big boulders."

Arriving at dawn, the water was already being released from the dam. "When that water comes through there, the bait gets active, and when those shad get moving, the bite turns on," said Hewett. "I have been fishing here with my father since I could hold a fishing pole. On this trip, I was using a 6-1/2-foot medium rod and an Ambassador reel spooled up with 17-pound Cajun line."

The two bass were the only ones they caught, and Hewett kept them alive until he could weigh them at 4-1/2 and five pounds, respectively.

"This spot is deadly at dawn and we hit it just right," said Hewett. "We released the bass after making the photo, and then we turned our attention to crappie fishing."   

Hewett credits his parents with seeing the Bass photo contest on the FaceBook page and for telling him about it. Hewitt will receive a year's subscription to South Carolina Sportsman magazine and a $25 Sportsman Outdoor Store gift coupon good for all manner of Official Sportsman Gear.