North Carolina Sportsman Magazine wants to remind hunters that there are proper ways to dispose of remains and game carcasses and in N.C. this is regulated by local ordinances that vary by county.

North Carolina law prohibits disposing of dead wildlife and/or remains on roadways and right-of-ways.  It is also illegal to dispose of game remains on private property without the landowner's consent. 

Disposing of animals in this manner is littering, which is a misdemeanor.  If apprehended and found guilty, an offender may face a fine of up to $2,000.

In most counties and/or cities, there is usually a portion of landfill or collection sites dedicated for game carcasses and remains. In areas and game lands, where allowed, game carcasses can be buried at a depth of at least two feet and thoroughly covered by earth and stone. Hunt clubs often provide members with access to lime-filled pits.

Hunters should check with their local waste or landfill authority to learn the proper way of disposing of game carcasses and remains in their area.