David Blake's entry Put'm Up has proven to have legs, since it was voted the most remarkable photo in the SouthCarolinaSportsman.com 2010 Trail Cam Contest. Blake won the voting competition between the five monthly winners, winning him the grand prize of a new trail camera.

Blake, from Pauline, lives close to Camp Croft State Park in Spartanburg County. He hunts an 18-acre woodlot close to his home and he keeps two trail cameras deployed at all times.
"The key to successful hunting is to do your homework, and my trail cams can do more scouting in one week than I can do in two months," Blake said.

"I give a lot of credit to my trail cams for documenting the times that deer like to travel," Blake said. "I still get excited every time I pull the SD cards, because you never know what kind of images you are going to see. I like to share some of the pictures on the Trail Cam Gallery, and I'm glad that others enjoyed the photo of the mama doe that was standing in order to protect her fawn.

To view the winning Trail Cam photo click here.

Blake sits in a treestand almost every weekend during the season – and  sometimes after work if time permits – but he is mostly scouting for the right buck to harvest.

"I took one 8-point last year and one 8-point this year using my Parker 175 Terminator crossbow," said Blake, who harvested both bucks on the first day of bow season. "I used to carry a compound bow for years, but a guy at work and I have switched over to hunting with a crossbow."

Blake said the new trail camera will come in handy since one of his is wearing out over time.

"My Moultrie 4.0 Trail Cam has been great, but I'm starting to get some snowy pictures from it here recently," Blake said. "I would be scared to say how many pictures that camera has taken over the years, because that number is way up there in the thousands."