The fifth and last monthly Trail Cam contest on concluded with viewers voting Logan Reeves of Greenville the most outstanding photo for a late summer photo of a buck shedding its velvet that wasn't entered in the contest until Dec. 26.

Reeves will get a late Christmas present in the form of a 1-year subscription to South Carolina Sportsman magazine and a Sportsman Gear package. His Trail Cam pic titled "Big 10 Shedding" was one of hundreds of images he got of the big buck in 2010, but he was never able to harvest him.

"I am a huge deer hunter and have been hunting this Greenville County buck for a while now," Reeves said. "I did shoot two 8-pointers this year, and I got one mounted since his spread was beyond the ears. But the drop-tine buck is still out there, and I know there are others, too, because last year we found a buck skull in the woods that had two drop tines.

"We are hunting 300 acres that includes a valley at the base of a mountain, and these deer are filtering down into it at night," Reeves said. "I've got some bear pics, too. When I saw the Trail Cam , I knew I wanted to enter some photos and share what I had with others that enjoy this type of thing. I really enjoy the local information that I read in the Sportsman magazine and on the website too."

Brandon Waddell of Spartanburg finished second with his "Snowy Night Buck" photo from a Wildview camera of a mature buck walking in a snowstorm on Jan. 10, 2011. "I thought it was an awesome picture and I wanted to share it with everybody," Waddell said.

Bo Tucker of Greenville rounded out the top three with his "Big Eleven" image from a Moultrie Trail Cam taken on Dec. 20, 2010. "I have 450 pictures of this deer, and they are all at night," Tucker said. "Lucky him!"   

The five winners of monthly Trail Cam contests will be entered in a fresh, 3-day voting session on from January 20 - 22. Viewers will decide which image win bragging rights for this season and a grand-prize of a new trail camera.