Three daytime trail cam photos made it into the finals for readers to vote on during a three day period. When the sun went down on the fourth month of the contest, the photo submitted by Delaware's Duane Gray titled "Afternoon reflections" and showing a buck crossing a creek and was selected as the winner of the Sportsman prize pack and one-year free subscription.

"I use a Moultrie I-40 Trail camera at this creek crossing because I have a deer stand about 50-yards from this natural deer funnel," said Gray, who goes by the screen name "roughneck3" on the forum.

The photo was taken Nov. 13 at 2:02 p.m. in Sussex County, Delaware, and was just one image of several that Gray had captured over the entire season.

"I saw him only once this year, and I was on an archery hunt and the buck came by me at a dead on run chasing a doe not 40-yards from me," Gray said.

Gray did manage to harvest a 130-inch Pope & Young buck from the same creek crossing stand this year.

Only one more contest period is left for the 2010 season, and runs from Dec. 16 through Jan. 1. Anyone may enter the contest, but only registered users are eligible to win the Sportsman gear.

Craig Stephenson of Williamsburg County was a close second in the fourth trail cam contest with his 'Finally During Daylight' photo of a mature buck. "This is the first year I started using trail cameras, and while we hunted this tract of land for several years, I had never seen this buck," said Stephenson. "Thankfully the trail camera is showing me what I should be looking for, and were it not for this picture I might be tempted to harvest some smaller bucks, but now I will wait patiently for the trophy that I'd like to see over my fireplace."

Eugene Tucker of Laurens County submitted 'Big 7-point posing' of a nice buck that came up to his trail cam a struck a studly pose. To view the Trail Cam contest gallery on click here.