South Carolina registered user David Blake won the Second Round of the 2010 Trail Cam Contest. The readers voted Blake's Trail Cam snapshot of a doe standing up on her hind legs as the most remarkable entry in round two.

Blake lives and hunts in Spartanburg County, where he photographed the the doe and called it - Put'm Up, Don't Mess With Momma. "I have taken trailcam pictures in the same spot for three years and had thousands of deer pictures," said Blake, "but this doe is overly protective of her fawn and can get aggressive." Blake reports that during one still hunt the doe kicked some but when she ran off a small 6-point buck that got too close to her fawn.

The trees in the area are persimmons and sometimes Blake sees the deer standing up to get a bite of the tasty fruit. He knew that this image was something different from a Big Buck Trail Cam photo and readers agreed by voting him the winner. Blake wins an Official Sportsman Gear prize pack, with a Sportsman logo t-shirt and a one-year subscription to South Carolina Sportsman magazine.

Blake harvested his best buck ever in 2010 on opening day of archery season in the upstate. His Parker Crossbow did a job on the 170-pound 9-pointer with a 20-inch spread, which he found just 60-yards away. His luck was going good, and he had a buddy there to help load the stud into the truck, and to share in the excitement.

Honorable mention in Round Two of the Trail Cam Contest goes to Dan Hoefner for his Nice Big Buck entry depicting a bruiser buck at night, and to John Sloan for his entry titled Late Night Snack showing two bucks eating in a food plot at night.

Round Three of the contest runs from Oct. 16 until Nov. 16 so keep entering those bold, unique and awesome trail cam photos as they happen. Only Registered Users are eligible to win so remember to register today.