The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is soliciting public comment on two proposed freshwater-fishing bills by Monday, March 8.

The Freshwater Fisheries Section recently completed a review of the current freshwater fishing laws and regulations. The review resulted in a proposal for legislative change in order to modernize these laws.

The goal of the rewrite is to make the freshwater fishing laws more user-friendly and consistent while ensuring the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is able to provide sustainable fisheries and allow for maximum fishing opportunity for the public. The draft of the rewrite has been reviewed by four focus groups of fishermen representing bass, bream and crappie; trout; striped bass; and non-game fishes.

The public is invited to review the drafts of the following legislative bills:

• Draft - Fisheries Bill Part 1 (file size 468KB - Adobe PDF) -

• Draft - Fisheries Bill Part 2 (file size 458KB - Adobe PDF) -

For more information contact the DNR Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division at PO Box 167, Columbia, S.C., 29202 or by calling 803.734.3886.

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