The last 12 months were a whirlwind for Lorie Anderson of Aynor.

A bookkeeper at a middle school in Conway, she got a Remington 770 rifle in .243 caliber for Christmas from her husband, Will. She also went on her first deer hunt in December of 2008. Earlier this year, she bought a Leupold scope to go on the rifle. She killed her first deer, a doe in September, early in the season. Then, she killed her first buck on Nov. 9: an 8-pointer with a 17½-inch spread that weighed 160 pounds.

Last but not least, the buck she entered in South Carolina Sportsman's Bag-A-Buck contest was picked as the winner in the third of four monthly contests.

"I told my husband, I'd probably used up all my luck the rest of my life - and some of his, too," Anderson said. "This was the first year I've ever really hunted."

For winning the contest, Anderson will receive a South Carolina Sportsman T-shirt and decal, a copy of Cooking on the Wildside by Ty Conti, the magazine's publisher, a Realtree cap and Monster Buck DVDs, a Tink's Scent kit and a Plano storage box.

She will remain eligible, along with everyone who enters the contest, for the grand prize: a 2-day hunting trip to The Territories near Ninety Six, a Leupold Vari-X III scope and an archery package from Irby Street Sporting Goods and Anglers Sporting Goods. The winner will be selected at the Palmetto Sportsman's Classic in Columbia in late March.

Anderson's work day ends at 2:30, and by 3 o'clock on Nov. 9, she was at her hunting spot, a piece of leased land in Horry County.

"I can go straight to the place I hunt from school, and I can change into my hunting clothes at a little building on the place I hunt," she said. "I thought I'd seen a big buck a week earlier, and I told my husband, 'That's the one I'm gonna get.'"

Anderson had put some Tink's deer scent out on scent wicks along a well-used trail close to her stand, and she's sprayed Buck Bomb around her stand.

"At about 3:15 or 3:20, along the back of the field I was hunting, I saw a big buck trotting across the field. He went across the road and into a little thicket, then he circled around. He came out on the trail, about 45 yards from my stand, and I got him."