A Mt. Pleasant angler has broken the saltwater marine game fish state record for African pompano a mere 13 days after the 11 year old record was recently broken.

Bryan Powell caught the 43 pound 8 ounce African pompano on Monday June 16th off the coast of Charleston near the Comanche hole in about 100 feet of water.  The new record beat the previous record set a mere 13 days earlier by angler Steve Bagnall of Vancouver WA on June 3rd by five and a half pounds. 
Powell, 38, headed off shore with owner and charter boat captain of Yates Sea Charters, David Yates, on his twin engine 31' Contender. Powell was enjoying the day fishing with his father, Mike Powell visiting from Arlington, Texas. 

The record fish was landed in about 20 minutes using a 7 foot Star rod paired with a Baitrunner Shimano reel and using a menhaden for bait.  Captain Yates was aware of the record African pompano caught just days before by angler Bagnall, and knew this monster had a good shot at tipping the scale to make this the new state record fish. 

The fish was weighed in at Mt. Pleasant Seafood on their
certified scale by Joe Shisko, a fish monger at the fish house. Fisheries Biologist and State Record Marine Game Fish Program Coordinator Amy Dukes verified the new state record the following morning. 
For a current listing of S.C.'s State Record Marine Game fish, visit the DNR website at www.dnr.sc.gov/fish/saltrecs/record.html.