It is time for all boaters, recreational and commercial, to tell Governor Easley and the N.C. legislature to support Senate Bill 1695.

North Carolina boaters and anglers need access to our roads 24/7. Boating is a weekend, family activity that begins on Friday afternoon well after 5:00 and the current regulations prevent many, with boats as small as 21 foot in length, the full use of their boat.

Not adopting the new legislation harms not only boat owners, but businesses that serve the boaters from local grocers to marinas and bait shops and the ripple effect on manufacturing and boat dealers is chilling especially in an already down economic time.

While it has been met with overwhelming approval on the chamber floors, Senate Bill 1695 is scheduled to be heard in the Finance Committee this week and the NCSHP has been campaigning against recreational towing over 102 inches wide during night time hours.  The current version of S 1695, has provisions to allow recreational towing for boats up to 120 inches wide, 24/7, without a permit.

It is imperative that we strongly urge all Representatives and Senators, as well as Governor Easley, to support Senate Bill 1695 as written and to oppose any amendments that might be proposed during review by the Finance Committee. 

This legislation is extremely important to all boaters, the marine industry and tourism in our state.  

Clicking on the link below will allow you to contact the Transportation Committee Members on this issue.  Just enter your address information and one click will forward it to those who need to know how strongly we support it.  If this bill isn't approved by this committee and sent back to the floor, there may not be any change in the N.C. boat towing laws this year although a great majority agree they need revising.

The following link will allow you to determine your county and district legislators and contact them to be sure they know your support for this bill while it is on the chamber floors.  This website will also allow tracking the progress of this and other legislation:

It is of utmost importance to voice your support immediately.  The Transportation Committee hearing on this legislation is scheduled for Thursday, July 3.