The 29th Dixie Deer Classic added North Carolina's 21st buck to the Boone-and-Crockett all-time record book.

The 2008 Classic's lone B&C buck belonged to Nathan "Chris" Lyerly of Mooresville, who downed a 170 0/8-inches Anson County trophy during November 2007. His main-frame 5x5 deer had four abnormal points (for 14 total points) but only 8 7/8 inches of deductions. Lyerly's deer also earned the Best In Show award.

Three deer featured in North Carolina Sportsman Magazine during February also won Classic categories.

Eric Canter of Randleman captured the 2007 N.C. Best Typical Gun division for a 166 6/8-inch buck killed in Caswell County, while Wynn Conrad's Davidson County 173 3/8-inch monster took the N.C. Best Non-Typical category. Amy Boyce of Monroe, who won December's NCS Bag-A-Buck 10 contest, downed a Union County trophy that scored 156 0/8 inches as N.C.'s Best Typical by a Female.

Person County boasted a pair of winning entries. Anson County produced N.C.'s only Boone-and-Crockett buck of 2007 and Rockingham County supplied a 2006 trophy with such an impressive antler rack a special category was created to honor the hunter.

Jonathan Reaser, 16, of Browns Summitt in Guilford County, killed the 208 5/8-inch 14-point non-typical (a main-frame 6x6) Rockingham torphy that earned the new award, the N.C. Deer of the Year honor.

The two Person County winners included Frank Cash's non-typical bow buck that totaled 157 6/8 inches and Charles Strader's top non-typical muzzleloader buck that scored 154 3/8. Cash lives at Hurdle Mills while Strader is a Roxboro resident.

Ryan Hackett of Gibsonville topped the N.C. Youth Gun division with a 155 0/8 Guilford County buck he shot during November 2007.

Cheryl Allen of Franklinton downed a 140 4/8-inch Franklin County buck to take the N.C. Female Typical Gun category.

Jacob Burgess of Conway downed a 136 1/8-inch Northampton County buck to earn the N.C. Best Non-Typical Bow buck award.

Bradley Faulk of Pleasant Garden returned from Indiana during Nov. 2006 with a 183 2/8-inch monster that won the President's Award.

Molly Garnett of Asheville had the top N.C. Female Bow buck with a 79 2/8-inches Granville County deer.

Jimmy Mitchell of Germantown discovered a 139 4/8-inch Stokes County buck that won the Best Non-Hunting division award.

Montana Walker of Bahama earned the Best Youth Muzzleloader honor for her 95 4/8-inch Durham County buck.

Frankie Jones of Clayton captured the top Non-N.C. award for his 184 1/8-inch bow kill, a deer he shot in Nebraska during November 2007.

Austin Elmore of Bracey, Va., earned the top Virginia Youth Gun award for his 123 3/8-inch Brunswick County deer.

Bill Martin of Whitsett earned Best Virginia Typical Muzzleloader honors for a 156 1/8-inch Halifax County whitetail.

Frank Wilson's 178 2/8 Halifax County buck topped the Virginia Non-Typical Muzzleloader category.

Steve Dalton of Gretna, Va., submitted a 174 3/8 buck to take the Best Virginia Non-Typical Gun award.

Chesapeake, Va.'s Brad Berry claimed Best Virginia Typical Gun honors with a 164 2/8-inch Southampton County trophy.

David Collins earned the Best in South Carolina honor for a 123 3/8-inch Clarendon County buck. Collins' father, Daniel Collins, accepted the award for his son, who was on active duty with the U.S. military.