North Carolina’s Halifax County is known for big bucks and lots of them. And Z Custom Game Calls Pro Staffer Rob Lee can confirm those claims with ease after his late October hunt that ended with him harvesting two 8-point bucks and a 9 pointer, all within an hour of each other.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Lee, who is from Unicoi County, Tenn.  “I have been hunting a long time and I never had anything like this happen to me before.”

It all started on Friday, October 27th. The deer rut in this part of the state typically occurs around Halloween, but Lee’s morning hunt was slow. He saw only two does.

That afternoon, Lee climbed into his stand overlooking two agricultural fields separated by a canal. The fields were already harvested, and there were tons of tracks around, giving Lee hope that his afternoon hunt would bring him some Carolina venison to take back to the Volunteer State. 

 After an hour and a half, his hunt was halfway over, and things had not picked up. And then at 20 minutes before 6 o’clock, a doe ran out into the field. 

“Eight minutes later, I looked up and an 8 point came out at the same place the doe did,” he said. 

Lee raised his Remington Model 777 .30-06 and shot. The 8 pointer took off and fell 30 yards later. 

“I started texting my father-in-law to tell him the news and I hear a twig break to my left,” he said. “There was a doe standing there with another nice eight pointer.”

The second buck came in, and at 30 yards, Lee shot him. At this point, Lee was feeling very accomplished and ecstatic that he had just killed two nice bucks on his last afternoon of his hunt. He sat in the stand taking in the moment. And after 15 minutes passed, he was surprised by another buck busting out of the woods chasing a doe into the field. 

“It was another nice buck, but bigger than the last two. I pulled up and shot him too,” he said. 

The third buck was a big nine pointer with a crab claw off one of the main beams. Lee had just had the hunt of his life. So, he climbed down to take a closer look at his bounty piled up in the Halifax County farm field. 

Lee’s three bucks all had 15 to 18-inch spreads, and he killed them all in about 40 minutes.