Hallsboro youth, Brynnan Wilson will have his work cut out for him if he wants to ever top the deer he shot on opening week of the 2016 N.C. deer season. On Oct. 20, he dropped the hammer on a massive 12-point Columbus County buck. Wilson then searched with his dad and uncle for hours before they found the buck piled up in the dense pinelands of eastern North Carolina. 

 The 12-year-old was hunting solo inside a box blind overlooking a fresh pile of Carolina gold inside a Columbus County pine plantation and Brynnan’s father, TJ Wilson was hunting just down the road with his Brynnan’s younger brother. 

Just before dark, TJ Wilson heard a shot coming from the direction of Brynnan’s stand. 

“Brynnan texted, telling me he has shot a buck,” his father said. “I immediately asked him what kind of buck he shot and Brynnan told me he was a very big buck and he looked like he had elephant tusks.” 

Wilson immediately interpreted his son’s phone text as probably a cow horn or four point of some kind. But, he had no idea what his son had just killed. Regardless, he came down to where his son had hunted and they looked in the corn pile to see if there was any blood or hair. But, there was nothing.

It was dark and TJ Wilson got a call from his brother, (Brynnan’s Uncle Matt) that he had killed a nice eight pointer on a stand down the road. The three hunters drove down to see Matt Wilson’s buck. As they arrived, Brynnan Wilson got a good look at his Uncle Matt’s kill, a fine Columbus County buck that anybody would be ecstatic to take on the opening week of the season. 

Taking a good look at his uncle’s deer, Brynnan Wilson looked at his uncle and said, “your deer has nothing on my deer! I killed a very big buck!”  

The two chuckled, then decided it was time to do some tracking to see who really had the biggest deer of the night. Some other friends joined in to help look.

An extensive search around the corn pile was coming up short until TJ Wilson finally found a pile of blood 60 yards away and leading deeper into the pine forest. The team continued to comb the woods following every trail imaginable until Brynnon’s Uncle Matt finally walked up on the deer and hollered at TJ Wilson to come over to take a look at the deer. 

“It’s a four pointer,” Uncle Matt said.

“Are you kidding me,” TJ Wilson said. “Then, when I got closer I could see him. It sure wasn’t a four pointer. We hugged, cried, and starting calling everybody at 10:30 at night.”

 As they returned to the house with the deer in the bed of the truck, they were welcomed by a crowd of friends, family, and one grinning 12-year-old boy, Brynnan Wilson. His buck sported a 16 ½ inside spread, a couple of 9 ½ inch tines, and massive 6 ½-inch bases.

“It was big night for all of us. We had no photos or any evidence of this deer at all. I am just glad that my son got a chance at this buck,” TJ Wilson said.