Catching bull redfish is a fun way to spend the day, and the last thing anglers want to do is inadvertently kill one of them. These are the breeding stock, and they are inshore this time of year to spawn, and they range anywhere from 15 to 50 years old, so losing one of these fish is a huge blow to the fishery.

Even when these fish are hooked perfectly in the side of the mouth, sometimes they are so worm out from the fight, that they don’t swim off upon release. This makes them prone to sharks, but they will also die on their own if they go belly up instead of swimming off. Luckily, anglers can help revive fish that do that.

Capt. Rod Thomas of Capt. Ponytail Guide Service relies on these big fish to entertain his clients, so the worst thing he can see is one of these fish die as a result of catching it. And when one does go belly up upon release, he simply brings them back aboard and uses this trick to revive them.

Check out the video to see how effective his method is.