A number of North Carolina's game lands and parking areas are currently closed in 23 counties due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The following list shows the open gamelands, parking areas, and the counties they are located in. Game lands and parking areas not listed in the affected counties are closed until further notice.

Game Lands                                                    County

Chowan Swamp (entire game land)                   Gates/Hertford

Lower Roanoke River Wetlands- Roquist Tract    Bertie

Texas Plantation (entire game land)                  Tyrrell

Parking Areas Open

Game Lands                                                    County

JM Futch (all parking areas)                              Tyrrell

Lantern Acres (all parking areas)                       Tyrrell

 Game Land Partial Road Openings Open

Game LandsRoad                                                                County

Suggs Mill PondCampground Road to SMP-1 Parking Area      Bladen

Whitehall PlantationWhitehall Road to Jake Road                   Bladen

Lower Roanoke River Wetland-Minges Impd.

High water access road to Minges Parking Area                       Martin

BertieSeventeen and South and River roads.                         Bertie

Damage assessments will begin Monday, and vehicular restrictions will be lifted as warranted.