You’ve had a long day shooting doves, and now it’s time to pluck the breasts out, wrap them up in bacon with a little cream cheese and a slice of sweet pepper, and throw them on the grill. That’s a great way to end a day afield, but it’s even better when you grab a frosty beverage out of the cooler. 

But man, your back is stiff, and that cooler sure looks low to the ground. You’d love some liquid relief on your tongue after getting beaten by the sun (not to mention bragging to your buddies that it only took you, oh, two, okay, almost three…okay, okay, four boxes of shells to knock down your limit of doves) but the thought of bending all the way down there makes you pause. You decide to just wait until one of your buddies digs down in the ice. He’ll grab one for you.

And here comes that hunting buddy that everyone has. Gadget Boy. He’s got accessories for every piece of hunting gear he owns. He’s got accessories for his trigger, for his shotgun sling, and for his choke tubes. He’s got accessories for his accessories. And what in the world is he carrying over here? Some kind of accordion-looking thing. You smirk and look away, back to cleaning doves. And man you’re thirsty.

Then you hear a little bit of straining, some icy water sloshing around, and you turn around. The cooler you were so reluctant to bend down to is now sitting before you at the perfect height. 

“It’s a Ben-No-Mo, and it’s made right here in the Carolinas,” Gadget Boy tells you.

You open the cooler and feel the sweet relief of cold air, pop open a cold drink, and your tongue couldn’t be happier. “Now this is a nice accessory. One that everyone can use – not just a Gadget Boy gimmick,” you almost say out loud.

Gadget Boy hefts the cooler up with both hands, and tells you to pick up the Ben-No-Mo. It’s much lighter than you’d have guessed. After all, it’s holding that heavy cooler. And you fold it up and down, noting how portable it gets in the closed position.

“I use it to hold my tackle box when I’m standing on the bank fishing in my pond. And when I’m putting new line and lures on my rods in the garage. I even use it to hold my toolbox when I’m working on projects, and for holding the portable grill while tailgating, or for holding this cooler while we clean these birds. This thing will hold up to 300 pounds. It’s a back-saver for sure,” he explains.

You’ve never thought much of all his gadgets, but your buddy has found a good one this time. You’re already thinking of ways to use the Ben-No-Mo that he hasn’t even suggested. It’s lightweight, strong, and portable. It’s one of those items that you can’t help but wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”

You finally ask him the question that every Gadget Boy loves to hear.

“Where do I get one?”

He tells you to visit their website at You need a break from cleaning birds, so you check out their site on your smart phone. Free shipping? That’s it, you place your order on the spot!