Sometimes, we want to tell our own story, whether it’s about the big buck we’ve been hunting, the big fish we whipped on light tackle, or the double we scored on our last quail hunt. And whether we’re telling that story around a campfire before opening day, to our best friend over the phone, or while buying fishing supplies at our local tackle shop, sharing stories of our outdoor pursuits with other sportsmen is a part of our makeup.

But let’s face it, sometimes we want to talk about how close that big fish was to getting away, or how we leveled the crosshairs, pulled the trigger, and dropped that big buck to his death, or how sure we are that we would have caught that big catfish if only we’d been using a surgeon’s knot to splice that fluorocarbon leader, when we aren’t around people who especially want to hear those stories.

Fellow readers of Carolina Sportsman are happy to hear those stories, and all of our readers are free to share their epic tales with an audience that will appreciate them, whether they are stories of success or failure. You can add pictures, make your own headlines, and best of all, you’re safe from the grammar police, who are often just as active on social media platforms as anti-outdoorsmen. 

Our Reports section is the perfect place to reach other readers with similar interests. You won’t get any eye-rolls here as I once did when speaking to, let’s just say, an uninterested party that couldn’t hide her disinterest as I explained how I knew a bass was in the hole under that low-hanging pine limb, and how I made the perfect cast (not exactly a sidearm cast, but more of a combination sidearm/pitch – the wax myrtle wouldn’t allow the pure sidearm, after all), and lo and behold, my creature bait landed just right, and was followed by an explosion of water, marking the beginning of a battle which ended with a 7-pound bass joining me momentarily in my kayak.

Whether your story is of archery, deer hunting, hog hunting, bass fishing, offshore fishing, or anything in between, beside, under, or behind any of those, we’ve got a section for you to tell your tale. forum user KayakLipJerker recently shared his story of catching bull drum from his kayak while fishing with a couple of buddies. Check it out here, then share your own tale by clicking here.