Indian Creek Range, which is operated by the U.S. Forest Service and is a part of the Sumter National Forest, is closed due to unauthorized targets being brought in, shot up, and left behind by range-users.

Indian Creek is free to the public, but will remained closed indefinitely while range volunteers and U.S. Forest Service personnel determine the best course of action to get the range cleaned up and safe for use again.

From the U.S. Forest Service's website:

"Indian Creek Range, which is free to the public, clearly displays range rules that prohibit the use of targets not specifically designed to be shot at, as well as 'Pack it in, Pack it out,' and 'No Garbage Pick-up' notices. Some users persist in bringing dishwashers, televisions, wheelbarrows, and household garbage to use as targets, and leave them littering the range.

"For years, volunteers have donated their time to clean the ranges weekly, but the problem has only escalated. Bullet-torn metal and broken glass from the bulky appliances pose unacceptable threats to the public, our volunteers, and Forest Service employee safety.

This area will remain closed until volunteers step forward to clean up and haul trash to a recycling center.

Please be advised at this time Philson Crossroads, Fairforest, and Leeds Shooting Ranges are still open for public use."

This closure comes at a critical time for deer hunters getting ready for opening day, but Mike Johnson of the Clinton House Plantation said they have a range that hunters can use until Indian Creek Range reopens.

"Come by the clinton house we have a 300 yard range. We will let anyone sight in their rifle for free until Indian Creek reopens," said Johnson.

The Clinton House (864-833-5477) is located on Hwy 56 in Clinton, and aside from their rifle range, they also offer sporting clays, quail hunting, deer hunting, and fishing.