Robert Moore of Ayden had one of his best turkey hunting days on April 2, and he didn’t even have a gun with him. What he did have, was much more meaningful to him. He had one of his daughters on a morning hunt, and the other on an afternoon hunt, and both of the girls killed turkeys.

First, Moore had his 8-year-old daughter Robin with him. She’d been wanting to do some turkey hunting, and he was happy to take her. The weatherman had called for rain early that morning, so they got a bit of a late start, hitting the woods around 8 a.m.

The rain never came, so Moore thought maybe he’d made a mistake by waiting, but luckily it was opening day of youth season, which he said makes it easier for youth hunters to get involved in the outdoors with early success. 

“Giving the youth hunters that season before anyone else hunts really is a great thing. The turkeys are a lot more receptive to calling and just are not as wary as they are later in the year,” said Moore.

After setting up on the edge of a field with his youngest daughter, Moore did a little bit of calling for about 10 minutes. Immediately, a jake came in to check out their decoys. Robin Moore leveled the gun on the turkey and pulled the trigger at 15 yards, and the bird was down.

After getting home, Moore’s older daughter Abigail, 11, admired the bird and decided she wanted to kill a turkey too. Moore was happy the morning hunt went so well, and being a veteran turkey hunter, he knew producing again in the afternoon would be a tall order, but he was happy his other daughter was interested, so he was determined to give it his best shot. He was pleasantly surprised with the result.

The two set up just inside the woods after seeing a turkey in the middle of a field. Moore called, the turkey answered, and came right up to their decoy, and like her younger sister had done earlier that morning, Abigail Moore pulled the trigger and killed this bird, a gobbler with an 8.5-inch beard.

“If it was a movie script, you couldn’t have writing it any better. I told both of them that turkey hunting just isn’t that easy, but I’m glad everything went so well. They were both quick, textbook hunts, and gave my daughters the kind of quick success that helps young people get hooked on the outdoors,” said Moore.

The two sisters both used the same shotgun, a 20-gauge youth model Remington 1100, and they are both sure to turkey hunt again in the future.