What if you could eliminate the time it takes to deploy dozens of decoys down to the amount of time it takes to drop a sheet into the water? What if that sheet disappeared, leaving only the decoys to show on the surface, and what if that sheet allowed infinite adjustability to your spread of decoys, and even allowed hunters to change the direction and orientation of all the ducks with one jerk of a rope?

Such a product exists, thanks to Southern Flyway Outfitters, a company located in Fuquay Varina, N.C. The Decoy Raft is a black mesh fabric that measures 5-ft wide by 12-feet in length. Each raft can hold up the three dozen decoys in a number of different configurations. 

Multiple Decoy Rafts can be connected using carabiners, and a single anchor can hold multiple rafts in place. Grommets are strategically located which allow the attachment of gang rigs, anchors, and other accessories.

John Evenson, a pro-staffer and co-founder of the Decoy Raft, said they are finding new ways to use the Decoy Raft every time they take one on the water.

“The more we have used the Decoy Raft, the more we discover its versatility in different hunting environments, whether it be an open water spread, or even using it as a jerk rig for puddle ducks,” said Evenson.

The rafts are a cinch to deploy, and fold up quickly and neatly, making putting out and taking in decoys easier than its ever been. 

“We can be hunting in a matter of minutes once we arrive at our hunting spot. It’s as easy as dropping the raft anchor into the water off the front of the boat, then backing the boat up. The raft, or rafts, simply unfold onto the water,” Evenson said. 

Watch the video to see how easy the Decoy Raft makes deploying decoys, how realistic the spreads look, and how easy it is to make all your decoys change their direction and orientation.

The company is currently receiving pre-orders, which they plan to ship by late summer, just in time to get ready for the 2016 fall waterfowl season. Click here for more information about Southern Flyway Outfitters and the Decoy Raft.